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From Our Point & Plover Sponsors

"Other print ad placements in the community do not present us in a professional way like the Point & Plover Publication does."
— Jessica S., Tanglewood Assisted Living 

"We sold one of our two homes we had listed in the Point & Plover Publication, soon after we placed a display ad in the Point & Plover."
— Stacy B., Bergman Builders 

"We have always believed community businesses should support the local community. Our partnership with the Point & Plover Publication lets us do exactly that and in a more professional way than anyone else can provide."
— Debra R., Ministry Health/Ascension

"They worked with us to create an added benefit of a feature story detailing our business. Customers came in and told us how great it looked and how much they loved it."
— Rene J., Small Space Big Style

"They helped create a fantastic and professional looking ad copy for us that we could not be happier with."
— Sarah K., Rivers Edge Campground

"The Point & Plover Publication covers the entire Stevens Point and Plover communities. The story topics are what the local residents love to read about and they are always looking to improve their editorial content as well as better support their advertising partners."
— Tiffany B., Coldwell Banker - Elite Realty Team

"They worked directly with me to create a complete marketing plan that was professional, effective and affordable. My little business advertises no where else as the Point & Plover Publication provides me the customers I need."
— Ken, Wired Right

From the Point & Plover Publication Readers

"We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the article in your publication entitled, Tracing Back History: P.J. Jacobs Junior High. It brought back many fond memories for us. Thank you for a professional and positive publication for our community."
— Pauline B., Stevens Point Resident

"It is so refreshing to read about the positive side of our community, rather than just the negative side like so many other media outlets choose to cover."
— Brenda H., Plover Resident

"When I received my 1st copy of the Point & Plover Publication I was not sure where it came from. I found out it was sent directly to me because my daughter was the highlighted 'Star Student' for the month. The story and entire issue was fantastic. We loved it so much that we signed up for a years subscription right away and Dan even made a point to swing by the house with some extra copies for our friends and relatives to read about our star student daughter. The Point & Plover Publication is a great part of the local community."
— Amanda T., Stevens Point Resident

"I recently signed up to receive the monthly issues of the Point & Plover Publication. It is so wonderful to read about the special people living in our community. I look forward each month to seeing what great stories will arrive in my mail box via the Point & Plover Publication."
— Karil F., Stevens Point Resident

"The entire local community is talking about the recent issue of the Point & Plover Publication. The story highlighting the local 'Ageless Aviation Dream Flight' was great. My dad was part of the feature story and it brought him to tears while he was reading it. Thank you Point & Plover for being a part of our community."
— Julie D., Stevens Point Resident

"I am a chief organizer for the local MS Walk fundraiser each year in central Wisconsin. This years event was our largest ever and I have no doubt that the bonus coverage provided for us by the Point & Plover Publication is the reason why. While at the fundraising event I talked to many people and asked them how they heard about the event. Many replied "Though that beautiful magazine I get each month, the Point & Plover Publication." Their support of our cause has been outstanding and I can not thank them enough."
—Kayla S., Walk MS